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welingkar gd pi experience 2014 experiences gd topics 2013 2012 all compiled new psychometric test questions

Below you can find the wellingkar gdpi experiences.You can also download the word file from this link:
City - New Delhi
Date 12th May 2012
Time Slot 10.15 am
GD Topic Management Education has become more Indian than being Western
PI Experience Good. Didn’t ask me any questions in at all. I started talking about my college fest, which I organized and they told me to go on about it. Told them about how I got sponsorship and all. IPL came in between, so we started discussing its business model. Asked one weakness and that was it.
Creativity Test Experience My topic was PARTICIPATION Made it as a LIVE Telecast on a news channel about thousands participating in a rally organized by ANNA
Psychometric Test Experience 63 questions in 20 minutes. Mostly yes/no/cant say types. Did that in 8 min.
General Comments Smooth GDPI overall.
Rate Overall Experience on Scale of 10, 10 being the highest 8
Improvements / Suggestions (if any) They didn’t ask me for the photocopy of my scorecard (XAT). Don’t think I missed giving it to them?

City Bangalore
Date 12th May 2012
Time Slot 10.15 am
GD Topic Save now spend later
PI Experience mostly engineering subject questions.
Creativity Test Experience competition
Psychometric Test Experience do
General Comments iconavi…do mention ur GD TOpic tooo
Rate Overall Experience on Scale of 10, 10 being the highest 7

City New Delhi
Date 12th may 2012`
Time Slot 11.15 am
GD Topic Role of youth in anti-corruption movement
PI Experience mastly on graduation subjects
Creativity Test Experience cooperation
Psychometric Test Experience 63 in 20 min
General Comments kkkk
Rate Overall Experience on Scale of 10, 10 being the highest 8

City Bangalore
Date 12th May 2012
Time Slot 01.00 pm
GD Topic Developing countries should spend more on development than defence
PI Experience Tell me about urself. Why MBA. Hobbies. About work
Creativity Test Experience Compassion/Poverty
Psychometric Test Experience 63 questions in 20 mins
General Comments Everything went fine
Rate Overall Experience on Scale of 10, 10 being the highest 7

City Bangalore
Date 12th May 2012
Time Slot 11.45 am
GD Topic Role of youth in anti-corruption movement
PI Experience Tell me something about yourself. 80% of the questions were asked on my hobbies. Then comes entrepreneurship . . .
Creativity Test Experience Empathy/Falsehood. We were asked to choose one of the word and draw something.
Psychometric Test Experience 63 questions in 20 mins
General Comments Good
Rate Overall Experience on Scale of 10, 10 being the highest 7

City Bangalore
Date 12th May 2012
Time Slot 9.00 am
GD Topic women are better managers than men
PI Experience went fyn with the regular questions
Creativity Test Experience Compassion/Poverty
Psychometric Test Experience 63 questions
General Comments it was smooth and coordinated

GD room….
vt gud panelist
GD topic : branding is nothing, its all about product
20 mins no thinking time but they said start when u wish to..rang a bell afta 20 mins last bell no fish market..decent GD…entered 4-5 times vt original points….everyone spoke well…
immediately after that was called for PI..
2 friendly panelist a male nd female as usual the first word was…Relax
no y MBA,no intro urself directly on my job profil nd ended on that only ask me also abt USD rate nd y usd is going down this days?
then the…pyscometric test…
Creativity Test:
Topic: MAGIC (worst word for me at that time)
its was gud thanks to Rav Singh Cetking..

after a wait of about half an hour we were taken to the registration, group allotment blah blah blah…ol dat regular stuff..
den to the GD room….
two serious elderly ma’ams….i guess they were bored of the process…:P
GD topic : Indians perform better as Individuals or in a Group..
20 mins no thinking time but they said start when u wish to..rang a bell afta 15 mins to let us kn that 5 more mins were remaining…
no fish market..decent GD…entered 5-6 times….everyone spoke well… no hassles..
immediately after that was called for PI..
2 friendly sirs in late 50s
as usual the first word was…Relaxxx…
-they asked me about my college..
-asked me that do the colgate ppl lie when they market…
i said i dnt kn bout dem….but i dont think that bournvita, complan n boost are any good for kinds…i mean how can drinking chocolate make me strong…”Nachnika laddu” is way better than them…they had a hearty laugh..:D
-then they asked what bout fair n lovely…i said i dnt kn…i never used it…I m Happy with my complexion..:D…again we laughed..
-they asked me the diff btwn Finance n Accounts…i said i dnt they corporate wale sir said u r sitting in front of n accounts genius n saying that u dnt kn d diff…he wont let u enter his class….i said i will go thru notes..chck the net…ask sir for extra classes…n i wont leave him till all my concepts are cleared…:P phirse we ol laughed..
-asked me bout my work in Rotaract….n ol d the Accounts wale sir was a Rotarian himself…
-asked me ques bout my hometown..Nagpur..
-why mba? n why only welingkar?
blah blah blah….
they said U have done verrry well…We cant guarantee u any thing…but Best of Luck…
then the…pyscometric test… gave honest answers..was done in 12 min
Creativity Test:
Topic: Machine….every one drew Human being as a machine…so i drew a Time machine..din use any word

WE experience-19th May,9:00 am
I woke up at 8:50 and it takes 20 mins from my place to reach WE….was there by 9:30…:P…anyways they said no probz…than we were separated into groups n after a good wait of abt 30 40 mins was the ‘advertisement’(read presentation) of courses like Retail,healthcare,rural development,etc,started…they requested sum1 to ask qts. after the presentation bt no one was willing to ask any…they even said +5 marks to anyone who asks,this made a few ppl. ask qts.(no marks were added,greed is bad)…..than we were taken to a gd room,we were a group of abt 10-12 I am not sure….2 topics were given,1 had to b selected,we went ahead with the topic ‘What is more important fr a country like India-Industrial development or Environment protection’..I started the topic and tried to structure…after me a girl spoke,decent till than…than bc ek banda started,OMG,sabko refute karna shuru…debate bana diya saale ne…I was keeping mum fr as long as I cud….tried to enter few times with stats,again after my point,the same guy,no no u made this stat wrong,this that…arre bhai chup rehna,kaayko josh me aa raha hai was what I felt like we want to b managers n nt boxers in future isliye I kept quite…panelists were decent,old lady n a disinterested uncle…neend mein tha literally..:P….after that PI,the person who went before me,his PI went on for like 25 30 mins,I was like wtf,itna der what am I gna say(coz he was the one mostly talking n they were listening)……than mera number aaya…2 oldies,one baldie(P1) n other wid white lock(P2)…I enter
P1,P2:Hello…so Ansari Farhan,tell me something abt urself??
Me:XYZ..blah blah..
P1:so u did BA in Economics?
Me:No Sir,I mean yes Sir,bt I also did Aircraft maintenance engineering as a full time course which is a license course,blah blah blah…
P2 (impressed):thats great,u did Engg. n BA together…ok temme what did u learn during ur OJT as u mentioned here?
ME:blah blah….
P1:Why Mba than??
ME:knew the gravity of this qt. in my case…nailed it,they looked convinced..
P1:what do u mean by infla-sion…??
ME:(WTF???!?!?)…Sorry Sir..
P2:He is asking u what do u understand by the term inflation?(rofl,even he must b hiding his laugh)..
P1:assume u were financial advisor to Pranab Mukherjee,what will u do to bring strength back to rupee…
ME:thoda bola n I said Sir I am more interested in marketing
P1:tell me abt CR??
ME:said a bit
P1:(stopped me) n explained it correctly..
ME:thanx sir…
P2:Books u read?
ME:Thousand Splendid Suns,etc
P1:was making fun of the title,asked me to tell the story..
P2:nice storyline…
P1′s phone rings…
P2:ok so what do u understand by biz design?
ME:Sir,actually I am just interested in core mba,specialisation-marketing
P2:ek do aur qtns,P1 is back…they both say thanx n I shake hands,leave…PI over…
Pychometric test was good,was trying to maintain consistency all throughout…Creativity test topic was Sensitivity(waste of time topic)….for 2 mins. I thought n nothing else bt the tooth-paste ad to reduce sensitivity was going thru my mind..drew on similar lines…haha…I drew a before after scene,A face n caption saying AHH,I got sensitive teeth,Zoo-zoo kinda thing thing in front of that face holding brand ‘Sensohelp’ saying,Use Sensohelp to reduce teeth sensitivity…than again the same face in after scene,saying where is my Ice-cream??,Zoo Zoo in front holding ice cream laughing n replying here it is…..nothing else was passing my brain…thats it…I enjoyed the process…atb to all!!!:)

17th may
creative test topic:absurd(absolutely senseless)
i divided d paper in four parts,
1.president (lady) n a land labelled pune with signs of rs n $ instead of grass
2.ram mandir n babri masjid ,ppl breaking masjid blood flowing a small jail in between the two with ‘case pending’ written inside
3.a well with oil reserves and a pump with empty barrel and price written rs 48/ltr
4.vidya balan beside whom there is a film roll and small kids watching it (dirty picture)

‎18th may 9:30
GD topic Is India a Soft Nation?
It was decent except for one guy who screwed it every group has this rotten mango..
Pi: 2 ppl one young in his 30s and one old 50 maybe
All questions were work related and profile based
Creativity test : topic was Accordance …. And other guys got Hibernation
Overall smooth process the sandwich Is no big deal …

Reporting time:10 15
Reached venue at 9:30
thoda rgistartion ka kaam kiya..
uske baad ek introregarding the college….
then was handed the goodie bag…
muffins sandwich and wafers…:)
GD hua…kaidi number 1….
topic was “Is much cricket in india harmful to other sports…
opened 2nd….and lead the GD..thanks RAV sir and Ketan for the invaluable advice…
Then was the PI…all Qs asked from the essay sheet….went smoothly….panelists ekdum khush…..
Then was the boring psycho test….fataafat khatam kiya and creativity ke liye topic aaya FORCE….
in landscape mode drew mother india on one side with a dark monster of corruption,inflation and scams pulling her one hand….and anna pulling her on the other side….wrote”I SUPPORT LOKPAL ON THE TSHIRT”
Wrote ANNA on CAP…who was standing on a platform supported by the masses…

Welingkar GD/PI 20th may
Reporting time:11 15
Reached venue at 11:15
intro regarding the college….
GD Topic was “Can privatization reduce corruption?”
Made 4-5 entries
Pi lasted abt 10-15 mins
panelists were 2 young people both chilled out..
PI Qs..Tell me abt urself
den rem ?s based on my ans to 1st ?,my BE proj,nd some things from the essay sheet..
Last ? Y shud Welingkar select u?
At the end Panelists did look happy(who knows wat may happen o.O)..
Psychometric test followed by Creativity test
Creativity test Topic:- OTHERWORLDLY 

I had my gdpi at WE Mumbai…
My GD topic was : Management art and science.
Two membes were there in panel
PI : It lasted for 5-7 minutes only
Only one member was there in panel.
Question were Tell me about urself?
About family background
Why management?
Why finance?
Then creativity test anf finally Psychometric test.

WE ..reporting time – 10.45.. i reached 10.45 (exact …acc to ist )
took long for registration n alll.. waiting hall mein they show some video( mast hai..pls see it…motivate ho jaoge.. youtube se churai hai though)
so registration n ppt on college n all went on till 12.30…got refreshments too.. then started by gd
(i was lik..bhaisaab indians pata nahi kaise hai ?? ofcourse mat kariyo warna lag gayi)
one guy frm my batch was lik he will get up n smash our face.. 5 7 mins one-to-one..
unnecessarily aggressive..personal attack.. n that too achanak as if koi aatma aagayi hai usme..
then ws PI .. 2 very mast vry vry old.. but vry cute ..
they asked me nthng.. why mba strength weakness ..nthngggg…
jus a normal discussion ki
tell me abt urself.. i had my sketch book so they asked me 2 shw them that.. then asked a lil y r u interested in pgdm or retail..
drawin achi hai..animation try karo.. ( i said interest hai bus interest hi rakhna hai)
then they asked me wud u lik 2 open a shop .. blah blah …
was a vry general n casual interview as if i ws talking to one of my fav uncle in d bldg ( like we all hv one) ..
uske baad i met a frnd.. lunch at dp.. then a longggggg walk with a very nice person..
then POP TATES happy hours and now im going for a night out..
creative test – FAITHFUL !!!!!!!
aur haan.. u evn get that small mava cakes that we used 2 eat in school…mast tha yaar ..
mast chill maro… n the guy who gave ppt on WE ws kinda GOOD LOOKING..naam nahi pata..chalo byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

20th May
Wat a day… sort of a Picnic :D
First things First… Good Sandwich
On a serious note:
GD: Privatisation will help to curb Corruption, good discussion most of almost all got a chance to speak, fish mkt maybe twice or thrice but tht was it.
PI: -Bout Urself
-Why MBA
-How will it help you
-One achievement or incident tht u will always remember
-A lot of discussion on Work related aspects
-Read a book “Ambani v/s Ambani” so wat u learnt frm tht book
Psycho test
Creative test: its for 20 marks… topic ‘Surprise’.
All in all a good day… Lets hope for the best.

GD PI morning batch 9 am 18 may
GD topic :- Social networking boon or bane
everyone ended with FB and somehow only few fresh points
PI :- Grilled
basic questions only why MBA and all
but somehow i felt they had a predecided strategy to grill people
then what business, role model, latest news
and yes why not PG e biz
PT was ok
creative test got accomplish as topic

WE xperience – 19th may; 1:30 pm
Reachd Welingkar at 1 so they enterd into 1 pm batch only. So guys if u want 2 get ur gd pi done early reach b4 tym u vil get entry into sum oder batch. After the registration taken to seminar hall for presentation after dat given food bt directly told to go 4 GD so got no tym 2 eat. GD topic was Are Gurus & Godmen taking Indian people 4 a ride. We were given 2 mins to think nd 20 mins for GD. First 15 mins for discussion & last 5 mins for conclusion. GD was nyc I enterd a bit late into the discussion spoke 3 tyms still evry1 got adequate chances 2 speak dere was no fish market den after 15 mins got over panelist told every1 to summarise individually I concluded bt fumbled a bit cud hav dun better. After the GD was taken for PI dere were 2 panelists one was quite jolly P1 nd other was bit serious P2. I mostly made eye contact wid P1 only coz it made me feel relaxed.
P1:So as usual 1st questn was tel me abt urself?
P1 : what u did at ur 1st job?
P1: Which was fav subject in colg?
P2: Why u want to do finance if u r good in accounts?
Blah blah
P2: Why not Mcom or sum oder course vich vil help u in accts?
I told m intd in Equity research nd want to make career in it
P2: How will MBA help u achieve ur goal?
Blah blah
P2: PGDM finance is quite diff from equity research it will help u 2 get into corporate finance vich is very diff to wat u want 2 becum den y MBA?
Blah Blah (Got tired of convincing dem)
P1: So u read tel us sumthng abt d last book u read?
Blah Blah
P2: What aspect of lyf u can connect wid the story in the book?
Blah Blah
P1 Give us d example of Team player u xperienced ? (As i hav mentiond it in my strength)
Blah Blah
P2: What u do oder den job as in free time?
Blah Blah
P1: What u read abt finance like magazines or newspaper sumthng?
I read newspaper
P2: So what is ur opinion abt euro debt crisis??( Dis questn i feard d most i was wishing nthng relatd shud cum for it in GD or PI as i had very little knowledge of it)
Blah Blah ( I answerd watever little bit i knew)
P2: Do u think shud all countries in d world shud hav same currency?
No explained Y
P2: What shud greece do now? Shud it accept d bailout?
Blah blah ( i dunno wat i spoke bt atleast i manage 2 giv an answer)
P2: How will help MBA help you? (Again i was pissd of wid dis questn)
Blah blah
P1 : Do u wud lyk 2 say sumthng for improving ur candidature?
Blah Blah ( Fortunate got 2 put my point forward was waitng for it)
P1 & P2 : Thank You u can leave
Haash!!! in all it was a good PI panelists were quite good dey dint put me in pressure
After dat was told 2 go for psychometric test 20 mins for 63 questns completd in 9 mins nd den told to go 4 creativity test. My topic was Magnify drawn sum bizzare drawing felt quite good took crayons nd sketch pen in hand after skool days was having fun though i drawn nethng. After d creativity test was told 2 leave
In all it was quite a good xperience had fun jus b thorough with whatever u mentioned in profile sheet dat vil b enuf

GD Topic- Social Networking Sites a boon or a bane
In cetking dis was the topic given to us in our second lecture itself.We were 10 ppl sittin in a semicircle,da panelists wer humble enough,out of 10 ppl 2 ppl dint speak at all, n most of the girls were adding points wen v wer askd to summarize. No fish market.Out of 10 dr wr js 2 ppl who spoke well n me ofcourse :P.
Dn it was PI wd ony 1 panelist mst b in his erly 50s.He was vry sweet,polite askd all general quest sch as y managt studies?wat r ur strenths?is dancing ur passion?define marktin in a sentence?wat wud u prefr PGDM(Core) or Business Design.wat is ur goal in lyf?wt u wnt to be?
Pschyco test ws bit diffrnt frm da pattern v hd seen so try 2 b honest
Creative test:Melancholy was the topic.In the begginig evry1 had a quest mark on dr face whispering ech odr wats dat?dn finally a co ordinator said loudly n askd us to wryt if we guys dnt worry if u dnt undrstnd ask da person nxt 2 u bt dnt ask da panelists.
Overall it was a gud session. All the best Guys hope my post helps!!!

P.I – no grilling, no g.k, basic questions. HAPPY HAPPY 
just be confident and give ur best.. Rest will follow 

TIME : 10.15a.m
g.d. topic: something about dhongi baba nd all..
i didn’t had much stats about dis topic..actually i was wondering for last 2-3 days..yaar kahi ye nirmal baba pe discuss karne ko na mil jaye…nd finally welingkar me wahi hua..
but still gd was average-gud..made 5-6 entries..pitched 2-3 genuine points too..
PI was a fab..i was really nervous before my PI bcoz of 2 rzns..1)i didn’t performed as expected in gd..2)The PI panelist were looking highly qualified kharus.
But once i entered inside,everything went smoothly…few questions y u opted 4 welingkar..which specialization u r looking 4..which company in dat field u want to work with..a detail discussion over my project..y business design..nd just dese kinda qst…overall PI was very gud
Pshycometric test
was gud..maintained d consistency of answer throughout.
Creativity test-
i drew how much abundance of human resource are there in China..nd how well they have utilized dis in different sectors for d development of there nation

Date:19th May 2012
Venue: Mumbai WeSchool
Slot: 11.45 AM
10 Mins Wait for Registration Process.
15-20 Mins of Presentation.
15 Mins Doubt Clearing by Prof.Salunke himself.
Rush to GD room
GD Topic: Should Gambling be legalised ?
3 Mins to think. 20 Mins GD
12 = 3 Girls + 9 Boys.
Did pretty well. Had some fish market situ in between. But make 5 good entries and you are through.
everyone Was given a 15 Second window to sum up the discussion.
Rush to PI Room
Panel: A Man in his 50′s and a Dude in mid 20′s (Best interview ever.)
Relaxed interview. No stress at all.
Questions were:
Why MBA ?
I am technically equipped, need mgmt skills. Blah Blah !
What are you aspiration after MBA ?
Entrepreneurship and stuff.
Why entrepreneurship ?
Convinced him thoroughly.
Why not start now and save 2 years ?
same as why mba, just rephrased.
Tell me what happens when you type a web address in the address bar of browser and press enter ? (actual words)
Convinced him stuffs like DNS server, IP recall…
4-5 Questions about my family business ?
4-5 Questions about my entreprenuership ?
Have you applied/seen a alcohol permit license ? (a Light Moment)
Why do we have shortage of Drivers in Mumbai ? (a Light Moment, Talked about Nitesh Kumar and Bihar).
Jokes exchanged. Had some great time towards the end.
Rush to Pshycometric test Room.
FInished it in 10 Mins. (A big thanks to Rav Sir.)
Creativity Test: STRENGTH
Did fill up the page. Enjoyed to core.
My two cents:
Don’t panic if you didn’t start the GD. Wait for the right entry.
Make 4-5 good/valid points.
Feel the flow and ride with the topic
Now what you have written in the profile sheet.
Be ready with examples.
Enjoyed the Muffins.

·         Had my Welingkar PG GD-PI on Saturday
The registration process was simple: had to submit photocopy of CAT score card and the admit card
The original score card and an ID card was asked for verification
The process was simple and fast. They gave a kit with snacks, notepad and pencil. The notepad was used in GD.
The Welingkar people were very kind and friendly. A guy who arrived late was pushed into another time slot and some arrangements were made for one guy without proper id card. It was very nice of them.
We had presentation taken by ex students and alumni which included previous years chief placement coordinator. Uday sir was also there to clarify the doubts. He spoke very well.
Group Discussion
Topic: Is India ready to engage youth in politics,
12 people, panel had one old lady( HR professor) and one mid aged professor
Many a times the GD turned into fish market but ever body did their best to make it back to the track.
I entered 3 or 4 times but had to raise my voice to get my self heard. Overall it was a good GD. They didnt give any feedback
I had heard that a previous GD(topic was something like “what would India contribute in next century”) was stopped by the panel since it turned out to be a fish market
Welingkar PG Personal Interview
The panel had two members
-I was asked to introduce myself and talk about my aspirations and plans. Eventually I told them why MBA and why Welingkar
-Some questions on the business needs for the project on which I m working
-Greatest achievement in life
-Some drilling on the what I had written in “is there anything which we would like to know while evaluating you” in the form
-A picture was shown to interpret. Something like a river side with boats, steps into the river, people on the steps engaged in different activities etc
That was it… I felt conforatable after having the PI. Initially i was tensed as it was the first in my MBA race…but the panel made me very confortable. They even made good comments on the attire i was wearing
Psychometric Test
The psychometric test was simple. No preparation need. Just be honest and consistent. At the starting page of the test there was an option to apply for the Business Design program. I did opt for that.
They said the results would be probably be out by May end . The Bangalore centre will be officially inaugurated in June. Hoping for the best!!…else {CAT 2008}
·         Welingkar PG Group Discussion
GD was good . the topic was just general types ….IS THE IPL PROFIT MAKING OR NOT.
Personal Interview
the PI was based on imagination . notrhing like acads was asked. they just asked me to draw a Mahindra Scorpio. then asked me about the life of a Vegetarian Lion. after that , just sm general questions about my native place , Rajasthan. at the last , the showed me a blurred Black & White picture & asked me to describe it.
it was a good experience overall.
I had my GD today at a school in Delhi :neutral:…. It was a morning 8:30 batch so had to wake up early to reach the place .. anyways .. reached the place around 8 and as was about to enter the place the guard stopped me … asking me what I am there for …. All i said was interview …
and the guy said … Sir interview dene aaye hain ki lene ….Anyways ….. I guess I have postponed this Damn degree far too long now .. anyways … Now some sensible stuff….
As I entered there were students helping us out …. I was taken to the student’s waiting room .it was a classroom so I took my place as the back-bencher .. a student was checking our Admit Card and the scorecard .. Thereon we were told to move out and go for registrations ..
Post registration We were taken to a room for a presentation on WElingkar – NOT a B-school .. but a WE School …..We were also given a welcome kit n then the presentation ny students .. (with a few inputs from a female lecturer) … We also had 2 faculty members in the room … Prof Tendulkar also gave his valuable input at one place … We were also asked to decide whether we would like to be considered for their Bangalore Branch :eh:…. As in the psychometric test they will ask us .. anyways….
Welingkar PG Group Discussion
Thereon we went to the GD :nervous:.. about 10-12 students .. With 2 GD admins ….. a lady and a gentleman .. we were told NOT to give our names and just tell our roll numbers …. The gd Admins gave us a few minutes to talk to each other just to open up …. but it was a bit funny making small talk without introduction .. the topic was :bigear: BRT – A Boon or a Bane …. it started off well :happy:…. I tried to speak first but someone else started so I stepped back to wait fr a better time … anyways ,…. I did enter .. put across a few views ….. it was a bit chaotic.. at time there were two different conversations happening simultaneously …. Then there was a sweet looking gurl sitting idle .. so I tried to help her in too (am gud at future-planning ) … but all she said was we shud calm down …as if ….lolzzz….anyways …. another guy tried a SWOT but failed … Still a gud approach by him …. Anyways … We were stopped after about 17-18 mins n were told to give our ‘One for the road’ commments …. and we moved out ….
Personal Interview
I entered the room …. asked If i cud sit down… There were two people in the Panel …. One lecturer and one from the Industry …
as soon as I sat down …
Interviewer : Is this the way you wear ties
( my top button had come lose .. Damnit !! )
Me : :eyepop: Oops .. I never know the top button has come lose … (With a smile)
Interviewer : I can see that you are not comfy in a tie …. Take it off
me : Ya I agree .. (n I took it off…. and kept it on the table)
Interviewer : At least keep it on the lap …
me : Hehehheheh …
Interviewer : So why were u wearing a tie …
me: because I am coming fr an interview n I am expected to be in a formal attire
Interviewer : Who says Tie is formal …
Me : Conventions
Interviewer : Who taught you about conventions
me : Conventions are not taught .. you just soak themm up while growing up ….
Interviewer : Who said Tie is formal …
Me : All my 12 years in my School I was taught this n I stand by it .. that a formal attire is incomplete without a Tie….
(Case rests )
Thereon he asked me why I had dropped an year after my 12th …
Gave my explaination : / ….
One interviewer said that losing an year shows that I understand things a bit late …. and thus wasted an year ….
I argued that the word Wasted is subjective …. and i don’t consider that year a waste .. etc ….etc …
Thereon arguments continued :argue: about …. Why am I doing an MBA …. Why do I like Richard Branson … Why am I a rebel :eyepop: … etc tec…..
………. Some other Questions asked that just popped in my head are : Who has Virgin Mobile collaborated with when it is coming into India ….. Sell Matro Rail to Vilaasrao Deshmukh :neutral:
My PICTURE-FOR-THE-DAY was a pic of some Photostat n lamination shop :dontgeti:…. I was asked what time of the day it is .. and what I saw in it :dontgeti:.. told them that its a run-of-mill corner shop … I was asked where cud it be … told Maharashtra as there was a marathi Typing service too .. and the name was also Ganesh something …..etc etc .. what time of the day ..etc etc
The interview ended with them tellin me that I am in no way befitting for an MBA from Welingkar and will end up committing suicide in Mumbai if i get thru …..and I should use the experience I had in my next interviews :( :death:
Then the psycho test ( Ya Ya I kow what I am writing :P ) ….. Easy one .. Just scrolled thru .. The guy next to me said that it feels like playiong ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ and i laughed so loud that everyone in the room turned towards me ..Lolzz.. I apologised n rushed out before i embarassed myself any further …..
Anyways ………. I am sure you guys .. and gals ;-) …..will do better than me … Rock the place people …. All the best people ……. :rockon:
·         Group Discussion
- GD Panel: A proff and some hig profile guy from KOtak Mahindra
Topic: Internet : A curse or a boom
- Went pretty nice
- No fish market
- Everyone made points
- 3 ppl who hardly spoke were given 5 minutes to speak in the end.
Personal Interview
- Interview- A proff
3 puzzles …
Showed 1 pic
few questions
- Psychometic
Had the Welingkars GD PI Today.
Group Discussion
The GD was started by a lady who came up with a relevant point. As soon as she finished 5 guys pounced in the ring. Eventually one guy remained speaking who went on and on and looked like an attempt to hijack the GD. He spoke as fast as a Suzuki Hayabusa and no one could decipher what he was speaking until someone stepped in and sternely asked him to let others speak too.
The group dwelled upon all sorts of problems ranging from the education system being outdated to Reservations to Corruption to mismanagement of funds.
Sometime down the line, it did turn into a fish market but later people realized that there was a lot of time everyone to speak.
So keep it cool. 20 minutes are a lot. Just chill….
Personal Interview
As for the interview, It was very cool and they were in no mood to grill me.
First up they showed me a photo of a tapree like shop and asked me what I made of it.
MY UNWANTED ADVICE TO YOU — Take all your time in the world. Keep staring at the photo, think and interpret the contents. Keep doing it till they ask you to stop.
Then they gave me a L shaped plot made of 3 squares and asked me to divide it into 4 parts. Messed it. Actually the trick lied in dividing every square in 4 parts and then carving another 4 l shaped plots outta them…
Then they asked me about hobbies and I gave detailed explanation about why I took it up.
UNWANTED ADVICE – If you have listed hobbies, and not very much into them, go find some info and do it properly. It will help.
So that was about it. Up next was a psychometric test. The key lies in Making honest responses. There are 2 answers and an “UNCERTAIN”…USE THE THIRD ANSWER SPARINGLY.
So that’s about it.
·         My GD/PI was in Delhi on 4th May. In 9:00 clock batch.
First step was he Presentation. It was basically on the WE School funda and the rest. I think they were trying to push the Bangalore campus and their new courses a bit, but thats natural. I was stunned to find out that last year’s Highest Package was quoted as 20 lacs from Deutsche Bank.
Group Discussion
Next Step was the GD. The topic was – “Are Indians Socially Responsible ?”
Utter chaos and Fish market Style. The guy who started refused to shut up even after he had run out of things to say. We digressed a lot from the topic and in that chaos I didn’t get to speak much. One guy even started quoting that how we are growing at a GDP Growth rate of 8.5% :crazyeye:, I was flabbergasted at this. In the last few mins the Moderators asked the 3 people who had not spoken up to continue the discussion amongst themselves for 5 mins but they ran out of things to say in 2 mins only.
I would overall give the GD a 4 rating out of 10 and my performance as 5 out of 10.
Personal Interview
The interviewer was hassled with too much papers lying around him and complained that this college has no proper arrangement and how they have given him such a small table.
He started reading my Profile form and due to my EXCELLENT handwriting he had to ask time and again what had I written. He was pissed off at me from then. And even asked if I was from some Hindi medium School because he didn’t expect this bad English.
And here I was thinking of me a small time blogger in my own right and was tempted to wave my 99.2 %tile in English in CAT in his face.:new_let_it_all_out:
I even joked that I should have written Bad Handwriting in my weaknesses but he wasn’t amused.
He asked if I knew to play the Guitar as I had written in Profile form (PF) and whether I had any certificate of getting the Best Project award in my BE project.
Then he gave the Invert the triangle and That join the dots with 4 lines problems. I was able to join the dots but couldn’t Invert the triangle.
Then I was showed a photo a cow lying on road and a bus passing it on the right and a man walking past the cow.
I tried to analyze the photo the best I could :detective:, but he didn’t seem very satisfied with that. And I was asked to leave. Overall not exactly a dream Interview. :tellme:
Then was the Psychometric Test , 68 questions in 20 mins. Enough time. I was tempted to say YES to every apparent good quality but tried to refrain from it.
Advice is that don’t come up with conflicting answers. If u have said Yes to if u are quick acting then don’t also say Yes if u think over problems long before starting. I hope you get the point.
Overall my GD/PI didn’t go very well :frown: but Kudos to the Welingkar team, everything was so well managed and I got out in two and half hours. Very efficient process
·         I had my GD/PI on 4rth may at 1.30p.m in DELHI.sorry got a bit late to share my experience.
It was really very hot here in Delhi,But hats off to WELLINGKAR seniors for conducting one of the most organized GD/PI process .
First we were given Refreshment packets.While we were having our food,two seniors were answering our queries and they did really well
Then there was the registration process followed by presentation
Group Discussion
Now came the crunch time———-time for GD
There were 12 of us in the group with 2 moderators
Once we were settled moderator asked what topic would you all like—-long or short
One of them instantly replied LONG.
So,going by his opinion,the topic given was
This was one of the topics which had already come up in the previous Threads
I was late to enter into the GD,but once i entered I had a lot of points with pratical examples also.Everyone was willing to listen attentively and was cut short rarely.
There was a fish market twice or thrice,but it seemed that the modeartors were enjoying the GD.
After about 15 minutes moderators also gave a chance to few who had less contibution in the GD and then they gave 2 MINUTES to conclude.
Finally the modeartor said it was quiet a healthy Gd
Overall everyone felt it went quiet nicely, and I felt quiet good after few complimented me for the examples given.
Personal Interview
I entered the room with 2 moderators sitting,One of them was there in the presentation also.They started going through my form
XAT-98.77 great
Xth-86 good
B.E-54.1 and now started a series of queations
1——Firstly,tell us something about yourself which is not mentioned here
Informed them about few things and BE projects,got impressed
2——Why Mba ?gave the reasons————was able to convince
3—– 2nd modulator——Why so less marks in 12th and engg?one of the most dreaded questions by me.gave the answer but was not able to convince
4——on work ex—so you hane been working in a networking company.What do you think is The future of internet in INDIA?
said few things but he wanted me to be specific —pinpoint whereas i was giving a broader picture.I was giving few advancements of modern technology but perhaps he was interested in something INNOVATIVE.
5——Why did you take up ENGG.?gave the reason
But your marks dont show that.What could have I done,just nodded my head
and Thought that everywhere this question throw me out inspite of 98.77 in XAT
People see acads everywhere but just forget entrance exam score on which basis they call.
So I just gave the reason that I was not able to score in theoretical subjects
and I am good at logic and thats why got a good xat score
6—–They asked my cat score——-answered 85%ile—No reaction
7—–In 2 min write down as many uses of paper as you can.
jotted down approx. 10 uses,bt all from day to day life.
moderator—these are all conventional uses?tell me something non-conventional
Thought for about 1 min,suddenly moderator said paper boat made by kids
and both of them started laughing and i also had to ,though silly.
Then i gave few non conventional like balancing of tables or almiras,door stopper,paper balls tied with ruuberbands,so on—–ok said one of them
8—–a puzzle.four dots were made and was asked to join using 2 straight lines
was not able to do so.moderator gave an answer thru which i was not convinced but did not argue with them.After al they are the boss.
Did not have any creative test,might be they got too bored and frustrated of me,so cant comment on that creative test
Overall it looked as if they were not satisfied and that left me in alot of pain because this was my last chance to get into a good B-school this year and that too gone now.
I came out cursing myself ,had I got good marks in Engg and this would not have been my situation,got quiet depressed.
Then had my pshycho test.It was not with a peaceful mind,but just wanted to finish it and runoff.I just clicked on whatever came to my mind at first instance without even thinking for a second.
I have very little hope left now and if I get through I feel it would be a miracle.Hope my experience would be beneficial for the people having their Gd/PI in coming days.
·         My GD/PI was on 2nd may at delhi…time 8:30
First thing I wanna say is that the arrangement was gr8!!! I gave some interview in the last 2 months but this was the best arrangement…n the best part is that the students arranged the entire show….n they were very helpful…
First we were registered….u need to present
1.photocopy of ur CAT score card
2. admit card id proof
Also bring ur 10th,12th, and grad mark sheet….
U ll be given a yellow card ….which u should keep with ur self through out the entire process….n ask the invigilator to tick after each stage…
It was a 30 min presentation given by the students of welingkar….it was mainly abt the col its environment…placement….its Bangalore campus….we were also given a kit which contained food n water…..u can also ask ur queries at that time!!!
Then we were ushered to the gd room.
Group Discussion
There were 2 invigilator….they were very cool…they gave us 5 min to relax n to interact among ourselves….then we were given our topic i.e Is reservation in higher education just?
Time was 15 min…the gd was gud….though it turned out to b a fish mrk at the end…but apart 40m that it was peaceful…
Personal Interview
I was the 1st one….my interview was very long …around 40 min…but it was very interesting and creative!!!! remember thy were putting a lot of stress on creativity!!!
I cannt remember the entire conversation but here r a few moments!
I1: brief intro….
I1: y mba?
Me bla bla bla….
I1:u ve a family business y don’t u join that…why ve to do mba?
Me:wanna analyse my skill and my field of interest
There were few question on my family business…which I answered without any difficulties…it was more of a conversation!!!nxt came the interesting part…
I2:r u creative?
Me:yes I think so!
I2: relate an incident..
Me:related an incident 4om my col days…(I m a fresher…so did nt ve the leasure of speaking abt work)
I2 was satisfied
I2 gave a sheet of paper with 4 dots like . .
. .
Asked me to join them with two straight lines ….
I did….now they wanted me to join tis 4 dots with 2 straight lines without rising my pencil….i tried but could nt do it….
I2 showed me a picture…it was a colour pic showing a crowded market place…asked me to speak abt it!!
Me: spoke abt it 4om different angles
I1: speak about some specific points..
Me inpointed a n indivisual…and related an incident…..made it a bit humorous….
I1 n i2 laughed …
12:showed a pencil and asked tell me abt its uses except writing….
Me: did a lot of ad mad show in col…so started speaking abt its uses like…used as a stick, measurement, repair electronic appliances(asked y….coz it is a bad conductor of elec….both smiled)
Bla blab la….i went on at last
I2: ok just give me one more use
Me:(got frustrated) can b used as a ear bud…
Then we had a small cit chat….
It was in the computer lab….64 question…..only trick is that u ve to be honest…coz there r a few que which are very similar or speakes on the same emotional level… so b honest….
Then it was over…..
It was over by 11 o’ clock
it started wid a presentation by seniors lasted for 30 mins. i wasnt listening to them coz was enjoyin d cool ambience.
then nxt came d breakfast time……. were given sum yuk footlog. Ill suggest not to have it before d process gets over…….safety factor.
Group Discussion
now was d turn to d battlefeild-gd room……….two panelist first one was an old man…can not guess his age n d second one came in d mid of d gd.
the topic was-criket rising at d cost of other sports(these arent d actual words but it meant so) a complete fish market where only 4 guys spoke for whole 17 mins n d last 3 mins for summarizing were also a mess. n can u imagine d panelist were enjoying tea n biscuits while d gd was goin on.
Personal Interview
10 mins break before d pi. luckily had only one panelist n that too a cool one just tried to convince me dat i shud work for a year n then join. after dat a picture of a small market with book shops.then my xtra curics ,y only weli, if not dis then wat. den more grilling on sum other aspects. just after all dis there was psycho test which was easy( try to be consistent).63 q n 20 mins.
ATB to u all. do well.
·         Group Discussion
• bad bad bad gd. one guy besides me was cutting me always though he was making good points. n yelling too.
Personal Interview
• awesome pi:
one panelist he gave me a picture to analyze
• picture: one plane Indian air force in front of building n hundreds of villagers around that plane . some women in front of photographer with a shy look time anything in sun cd nt see shadow
• creativity: uses of bottle. i didnt count. i told >10
• logic: 5 figures guess the sixth one.
• questions
q1:if u are traveling in a plane n u realize that sudha murty is sitting besides u what wd u ask her?
q2:what would u do if u were George Bush?
q3:life of veg lion.
q4:what wd u do if u had the power to know minds of ppl.
q4:give me one instance where u have shown a act of creativity which saved ur group.
q5: why mba?
no grilling on acads. nothing from the form. no strengths no weakness. nothing from engineering. nothing abt “why not experience”. said “good” couple of times. we both me n him laughed many times some on my jokes some on general it was a very smooth PI.He didnt even look into my my folder or my resume. just couple of times in my form.
• interesting fact: submit every score even if the other scores are less. A student from welingkar told me that they dont consider every exam to be equal. ie cet, atma not equle to cat,xat.
• atmosphere: posh building, good crowd. presentation very plastic.
• among students i found many ostentatious ppl. but not to worry they had no matter just a display.
• psychometric test: nothing to wonder what wd it be completed in 8 min 63 q.
• to mark i did mark that business design cause it was written subject to aicte approval in bracket.
hey everyone- had my gd today, 10th may 8:30 (read=everyone gimme lots of thanks cos i’m posting so promptly)
as usual had the presentation.. good infrastructure.. helpful volunteers.. everything was smooth as butter..
Group Discussion
we were ushered into the gd room.. 12 of us.. 2 panelists..
they went like ‘we have this question to ask everyone – is tata nano a boon or a bane considering we have more pressing matters like food, water problems’ (personally i do not see the connection between the 2) ..
as soon as she said this ppl started talking.. no time to think or anything.. they didn’t even mention how long the gd was suppose to be
overall the gd (if u can call it that) was ok-ok.. turned a lil chaotic at times but thats to be expected.. i came in 4-5 times..
finally the guy panelist said ‘do u know how long u guys have been talking! only 2 mins left for conclusion’ .. one guy promptly summarized.. then someone added their pont.. then someone summarised again.. n the cycle continued until the panelists said ok over!
Personal Interview
was given a pic of something like a carnival or festival with colourful floats..
was asked uses for bottel of water, n then for a coffee cup lyig on the table.
was asked if Abdul Kalam came n sat here wht wud u ask.. n then where wud u take him.. i said clubbing : (bye-bye welingkar)
asked abt the personality i had said – kiran mazumdar-shaw
asked how creative are u? y ?
wht do u read?
was given a puzzle of 4 points n how will u connect them with 2 straight lines without lifting the pen.. couldn’t do it :baaa:
then the psycho test.. again like everyone has said, don’t lie.. don try to choose answers u think they want.. just go with ur gut..
so that was it.. all the best for everyone tomm..
Hey atlast completed my gdpi today….
Mine was the 10.45 batch.. i reported at 10.15… we were made to seat in auditorium from where we were called for registration one by one as per the batch… they were already running late by half an hour… so at 11 we went on for registration…
after registration they made a presentation of about 20minutes… it was a well made presentation.. the management was very good…
after the presentation we were handed over kits which had a snack (big burger) :satisfie: and a bottle of water…. then we proceeded for our GD….
Group Discussion
there were two panelist and we were in a batch of 12… the topic was “IS EDUCATION BEING COMMERCIALISED” 2 min to think and 20 min to disuss… it went on welll.. at no time was it a fish market…. an indication was given when 3min were remainig.. a girl concluded but even after that some people spoke….
then after GD we were told to head towards are respective PI rooms which were alloted at the time of registration… had to wait 25min for my turn… there was a single panelist.. old guy around 60.. the pi went as follows
Personal Interview
P : So u over whith ur GD?
A: Yes sir
P: So what was the topic?
A: answered
P: So what do u think abt the topic..
A: Gave my sincere views…
P: If ur given a job of eduction mister of India, what will you do?
A: blah blah
P: So u an engineer?? Where r u working?
A: I am a 2007 grad and had no work ex… so answered him abt what i did all year and abt my biz…
P: What do u knw abt Sam Walton?? (I wrote abt him in the form)
A: blah blah
P: Have u done any innovative work and being appreciated for it??
A: blah blah
Then he gave 3×3 matrix of dots and told me to join all points without picking up the pen…
Easy did it…
Then he shown me a picture.. It was of a relief work… I interpreted it well…
Then we were directed to a comp lab where we had to appear for our psychometric test… It was good… The computers went down when i was on 55th question but the answers were stored so i continued form 56th question after restoration…
Overall mine was good…
Result in may last week…
·         hi friends my gd-pi was on 9th
i was in the 10.15 slot we have to submit all r score cards and we get a green card which will be ticked after gd,pi.
then we were given a presentation for 20 mins.:satisfie:
they had divided us in groups [a - g]. with 12 ppl in each grp.
Group Discussion
then we were taken for gd our topic was : what r the reasons for down fall of other sports and cricket is attracting more popularity in india ( not the exact words).
we were given 2 min for thinking. 17 mins to talk , 3 mins to summarize.
4 girls just started talking without understanding the topic abt ipl.
i got in late made some points .
some one try to bring media as a reason and nobody heard his point.
the 4 girls just went round & round after cricket disussing same point and not leting anyboy speak.
finally the panelist stopped us in arnd 12 mins and said summarize.
one guy summarized and then everybody started adding new points.
and then panelist stopped us.
Personal Interview
we were taken for PI.
this was the shortest pi in my life
2 panelist were there p1 she was busy on her phone.
p2 : she asked me tell abt ur self.
I: …. from last year i am in my dads business.
p2: what u contributed
p2: what u learnt
p2: whats the key thing in business.
i: said
now p1 was free
p2: this is a pen what all modifications u can add .
it was that 2 rs pen without refill one
I : this plastic cap makes it look cheap we shd give it metallic looks
then thought of good pens
it shd have grip
it shd be refillable
it shd have fluid ink for smooth writing
p1 p2 : its done
I : thank u .
I have no clue this is good or bad
all the best guys
·         Location: Welingkar, Bangalore at 8:30 AM
Reached by 8 and was duly made to sit in d waiting hall. After few mins we were registered ourselves and i was the 1st in the list. Had a PPT from Welingkar people and had interaction with the director.
8.30 batch people were then moved into there respective GD rooms
Group Discussion:
There were 12 of us seated in square form on 3 sides and panelists on d other side.
They mentioned the procedure and surprisingly also gave us the break up of marks. GD total 50 marks
Leader Ship qualities – 10
Team Work -10
Communication Skill -10
Content -10
The other 10 marks i don’t remember
We were asked to chose our own topic and to my joy all of us chose IPL!!
The Topic – ” IPL Sports event, Money’s worth or money’s waste, Cheer leaders Importance”
Since i was very comfortable with the topic (i’m a sports content Executive) i started off immediately without even jolting down my points also started off coz i knew there were 10 points up for grabs for Leadership qualities.
The discussion went ok. As usual like in all GD’s there was chaos but not a fish market as much. There was too much thing spoken about Cheerleaders (2 of them kept telling the same thing) and also 1 or 2 guys kept repeating the “money’s worth” word whenever given an opportunity. I thought apart from 2-3 persons all of them lacked content and kept repeating the same thing.
I made several entries in the GD and gave in some details which most wouldn’t have known. I said UB and Reliance have paid $111 million for their teams and that hw r de gonna get it back n all that stuffs. Also told them SRK’s team costed him jus arnd $ 76 million(the second least) but he’ll get more money thru Tickets than des ppl coz Eden Gardens capacity is around 1 lakh whereas others the avg is 40k.
The rest of the GD went okay with 2-3 insisting to speak just on Cheer leaders ( later on the panellists themselves said cheerleaders issue wasn’t so imp as guys in my panel thot)
Personal Interview :
I was the first to have PI in the entire process. Entered and met two friendly higher 50′s odd Panellists.
They greeted me and shook my hand.
P1 – a guy with no moustache and looked like someone from the industry
P2- Short moustache and probably a prof in welingkar
P2: So Tel me about Yourself in 1 min
P1:Asked me about Sex Education
Me: I said it is important now a days as by banning/tabooing it will only increase the curiosity of the young mind
P2: do u say we should put condom machines all over the plc
Me: It has been successful in US and other countries but might take some time in India
P2: Don’t you think this will lead to extra -marital affairs
Me: No sir this will lead 2 safe sex
P1: agreed with me
P1 and P2: asked bt IPL
P2: what do you think of women sports persons in India?
Me: Slowly they are coming up in sports like badminton, tennis, and athletics etc
P1: I read a report saying Women will have menopause earlier if they are sports persons do u agree?
Me: I’m not a tech person 2 answer this
P1:What do you tink its ok even if ur not a technical person ( meaning a medical person) and adds you know rite what menopause is?
me: Logically i dont think so
P2: As an academician my concern is ur marks wats d reason
88 – X
63 – XII
71 – BE
me: I was involved in extracurricular activities etc
P1: were you concentrating on bird watching during dis time?
me: no
P1: were u ever involved in eve teasing and got into trouble
Me: Never
P1 and P2: So u say u never watched girls
Me: Not like that sir but i was more into window shopping types
P1 and P2; both laugh
P1:So u dont behind girls n all
Me: No sir i have so much work in my hands work + extra curricular
P2: 5 uses of Bricks
Me: cud say 4 then they moved
P2: showd me an old pic and asked me wat it is
Me(after a min of observation): looks like varanasi and also has shipping dock here and ppl taking dips in water and also purohits wer seen so it is a religious plc also dat for transportation of ppl and goods
P1: What time of the day is it?
Me: Probably morning
P2: why/
Me: I c ships at dock and also ppl are taking bath n all
P1: if sun is not there hw do u determine if its mrng or eve ( the pic was black n white so cudn make out)
Me: (i suddenly remembered the umbrella) said der is an umbrella so its mrng or noon
P2: Gave me an polygon and asked me 2 divide it in 4 equal parts
Me: did it
P2: ITS OK BUT NOT EQUAL nyways u tried not bad
Me: thinking to myself as if i can divide it exactly to an mm
P1: Do u hav ny qsns for us
me: no
P1: It was gud talking to u and Enjoy ur Window shopping bye n tc
Me: Thanks sir and it was nice meeting u as well
Left the room
Psychometric Test
Immediately was taken by d co-ordinator for the Psychometric test. Got a comp and finished it in 2 mins approx 63 questions
Came out by 11
By far the best organised GD/PI i have attended till now
Very well organised and also seniors were there to help us in all manner
It got over in 2 hours and was helpful in that i didn’t get any head ache ( in other GD/Pi’s i got head ache jus by waiting for hours together)
Even the panellists were very cool
So guys don’t worry too much de wont stress u n all be yourself and i think u’ll cm out much more happier than when u entered


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