Sunday, 25 January 2015

Transparent value aptitude test questions 2015 interview questions 2015 process rounds

Transparent value had come for the profile of Equity research analyst in our college. The process basically had 3 rounds. First round is Online aptitude test. Those who clear the first round would go into the second round which is a comprehensive test based on case study. The people who cleared the final round will be called for the final interview. The questions that where asked in the online round are
Online round: CFA level1 questions mainly based on Valuation. If you are thorough with all the corporate valuation and afsa formula, you can easily crack it.The round will have 60 questions with duration of 45 minutes ,1 mark for each correct question and -.5 marks for each wrong question.
Comprehensive test: This round is a case study cased round with 3 case studies.1st case study had questions to calculate risk premium, expected return, Stock price, Dividend growth, Return on Equity, Dividend yield etc
2nd case study had questions to extract P/E ratio, NPV,IRR,Payback period etc.
In third case study we had to create balance sheet and Pnl from the informations given in the questions.
All the best for transparent value!


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  2. Well.. I appeared for the process in November'15. It was same 3 round process, but Round I, was mainly based on valuation techniques, beta, intrinsic value & Round II, was solely based on accounting, we had to prepare Income Statement, Balance Sheet for the cases given. Round III was the technical round, where the ask questions about your performance in the first 2 rounds & other questions on accounting & Valuation.

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