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Experience #1 
MHCET GDPI Experience-
Date- 21st may
centre- JBIMS
Cet Score-99.93%ile..136marks
time- 11 to 12..batch 23

GD topics
1. River linkage-the only solution to the water problems in india.
2. Cricket is a waste of time and national resources.

13 ppl in the GD..all 13 present(kinda strange)..and all 13 selected the 2nd topic :D

GD was well structured, well discussed. Almost everyone made good points except 2 who were asked to cite their views in the end.

PI..1 uncle and 1 aunty..both 50+..start se end tak both were smiling.. questions mostly profile sheet based.
-Why mba?
-What would u do if u dont get thru?
-Justify weaknesses.
-Recent political event u mentioned dat made u happy.Justify.
-Was engineering a waste of time?
-Is work ex necessary before pursuing an MBA?
-Does formal education guarantee success?

Overall a nice experience. Satisfied :)


i had a gdpi at jbims,batch 18:

two tpics where given(1)is reservation to women beneficial(2)there should be freedom in art(the fire controversy).

everyone was in favour of the first topic,gd went well mst of us contributed,the panel stopped gd 3 times to push the ppl who were’nt speaking,at last a candidate was made to summarize…overall a nice gd,no fish market was created.


two teachers were sitting ,one was a bit healthy and was quite strict type of a guy and the other one was in a light mood…..(most part of the pi was in hindi by the panelists)
lets call the healthy guy ‘A’ and the other guy ‘B’.it was a sort of stress interview.

A-wat is ur name
me-i replied
A-so y do u want to cum mumbai,any specific reasons?
me-sir i wana make my career in marketing ….blah blah blah
A-so wat u want to do in marketing?
me-sir,particularly i m interested in the fmcg sector…….
A-ooo…u r a b pharm grad. and u want to join fmcg ,wat for,glamour and all
me-no sir actually i want to wrk in the field of otc(over the counter drugs like disprin etc)
A-wat makes u wrk for otc ,wats the difference?
me-blah blah blah
A-u r nt getting my point beta…..
me-sir actually…blah blah
A-hmm nw its ryt,wat r these weaknesses over excitement ,short temper and all tell me..
me-blah blah blah
B-so u r frm agra hmm,wahan to bhot craze hga mumbai jane ka?
me-blah blah blah
A-wat u hav written dis ,akhilesh yadav’s appointment as cm pleased u ,r u happy wid theses gundas?
me-blah blah(i explained wat particularly i am pleased with)
ME-i answered
A-capital of ghana in africa(ab bata bete)
me-srry sir i m nt aware of it..
B-which president of france recently lost elections
A-who is the foreign secretary of america
me-hilary clinton(wasnt sure abt secretary or minister)
B-best of luck beta..

overall it was a sort of stress interview which they continously gave by their expressions….lets see wat happens….

Experience #3

Date :- 22-05-2012 (JBIMS – GD/PI) – BATCH – 27. 4-5PM
Group Discussion:- 15 MINS.
India 2020


Experience #4

awesommmeeee gdpi …

5-6 batch… JB
1 absent
Capital punishment should be abolished?.. .dont remember the odr.. something abt mnc’s

good gd.. moderators interrupted to let 4 ppl speak..

PI- 2 men
describe urself
thn he kept askng about my fathers work.. where … wich company etc etc
which were ur fav subjects in bmm— told
Why did u lyk them– told

thn the other person gave me some work.. Pepsi and coca cola are known for making ads makin fun of each odr… so he gave me a line which pepsi company used in advertisement.. n said nw wat will coca cola say to this ad ..
i thought.. thn said.. this is copywriters job (he askd me the question coz i had told Ad design as my fav subject… though ad design dsnt mean copywriting….neways

thn askd a few more questions…. n thn

hushhhhh GDPI Overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D


JBIMS 11:00 am slot !!
GD topics :: 1. Is a Sports university necessary for honing the talent in the country ???
2 . NGOs Do they serve peoples interest or are they mere pressure groups ???
We chose the first one and thank god for that coz i found the second one a lil tricky !!….a very fruitful discussion ….7 people in my batch ! The moderators at JB atleast in my batch were very considerate of the people who didnt contribute in the gd !! They stopped the GD twice to let some of them speak !!! Overall— Smooth :)

Experience #6

GD: (10 present out of 12, 2 girls and 8 boys)
Topic 1: Should there be a retirement age for politicians ?

Topic 2: We are losing peace of mind in pursuit of material needs

Majority(including me) were in favour of first topic as it was possible to show off our knowledge of politics, but there was a highly irritating and dominating girl (I shall call her the trouble-maker) who tried with all her might to convince the others that the 2nd topic was better. To my utter amazement, the panel asked for a show of hands again and for some reason, two lalloo guys changed their votes after being subdued by the trouble-maker and so the 2nd topic was chosen.

The GD started off decently enough but became a fish-market after a while. One moderator rang the bell and asked us to proceed one at a time (this kept happening and after a while the moderator just tapped his pen loudly whenever he felt that the proceedings were getting heated up).

I managed to make about 7-8 entries on valid points and a couple of times I tried to divert the issue to a global level but the batch was content to speak on an individual level. The trouble-maker tried to cut me off a few times and I put in a huge effort to stop myself from yelling at her. The panel then asked 3 guys who hadnt spoken to summarize but they stopped after one line and so the summary degenerated into a free-for-all.

Anyways, the lesson I learnt was that it takes just one rotten mango to spoil the GD for the batch. Its very unfortunate if you lose marks due to someone else.

PI:(2 panelists: P1 was a very very old man (75+)and seemed a bit sarcastic, , P2 was middle aged and extremely friendly)
P1 was very engrossed in my profile sheet while P2 just noted that I am an engineer and kept away the sheet

P2: What do you think good leadership is?
me: motivating the team, being a friend to all, setting clear goals blah blah blah
P2 (impressed): you must have watched 3 idiots…what did u learn?
me: blah blah blah
P2:And from Lagaan??
me: motivation can perform miracles, teamwork is paramount blah blah blah
P2: what lessons did u learn from engineering?
me: logical approach, making minute observations, thinking rationally
P2: Your views on FDI in retail
me: blah blah
P1: (looking up from sheet with a cynical smile) U think Akhilesh Yadav being CM is a a positive thing??
P2: Yes sir, he is educated, down to earth, will bring reforms hopefully blah blah blah
P2: If not the corporate world, which 3 indian organizations you would choose?
me: agriculture, railways, aviation (explained scope for each to improve…he was impressed)

Then it evolved into a friendly discussion on the merits of the chinese agricultural system versus ours…and many such burning issues for about 10 minutes

P2: Any other calls??
me: yeah the 6 new iims
P2: what do u think about joining JBIMS ?
me: would be privileged sir, rich legacy of 47 years blah blah blah
P2: We too would be very pleased to have you here
me: :)

overall an excellent PI….went home happy

Experience #7

My topics 4 GD were:
1) Use of drugs in sports is justified
2) India cannot afford 2 host extravagant sports events like Olympics etc.
Unfortunately out of the six participants I was d only girl n d rest 6 were guys n both d topics were related 2 sports…(which I don’t have much knowledge abt)…there was a majority for the 1st topic because 4 people selected it…GD started with 2 mins given 2 think n jot down the points.. everything went well. evry1 participated..seemed like a good GD without much confusions etc.
Now PI was a little tough..Since m a student of BMM., awaiting my results n no job ex..I was grilled on topics that they thought were there in my syllabus but actually weren’t…I was very honest n told about a few topics that I din know..but it was ok…anyway, good GD n average PI…

Experience #8

GD topics:
1. Sting operations – should they be banned?
2. Management v/s Administration
We went for the first topic. Only 7 out of 12 were present. and in this 6 were good speakers. It was getting very difficult to put points across as people were contiously speaking. Also some of tem taught speaking too much will give good marks and kept on speaking. The topic was diverted. I spoke 3 times. Finally each one of us were asked to conclude in one sentence. But I managed.
But worse was coming. In the PI there were two ladies. One was always smiling, other was always very serious and generally rude. No questions on work-ex or acads or GK.
Questions like why you choose civil engineering, way have you resigned from job, why you joined a particular college. The rude lady was making her own comments on the answers. What are the things effecting Indian economy? What is security according to me?
Finally her answer that security comes from within and we Indians are more secure since we have a good culture as our roots.
Didn’t expect such PI and don’t know what score to expect after this.

Experience #9

My Gd Pi was at JBIMS. The whole Mumbai knows that JBIMS is at churchgate but churchgate people doesn’t know where JBIMS is. It took half an hour to reach JBIMS. And as usual I was late.
In Gd topic was “should public holidays to be reduced?” Everyone has their point of view in that. One boy from Delhi was dominating the GD with his stupid arguments. He was not allowing any other to speak. At last proffessors told him to shut and allowed us to speak. And at last there was no conclusion of our Gd and proffessors were not happy.
In pi They ask abt personal experience of college and business which I am doing. on their every question I had a Perfect answer and at last It was very good PI after 3 years of my CET experience.
Do Prepare for following things.
Questions which are there on Introduction letter.
1) Family Back ground
2) What u did after graduation?
3) In last decade which event was significant for india?
4) Ur weakness and Strength?
5) What makes u a good manager?
6) And Remember your FYBCOM and SYBCOM Passing Percentage. They are asking this

Experience #10

My GD/PI was in JB on 14th may 2007.there were 12 students per batch…bt in most batch only 8-9 students were present.My GD topic was
(1)Are consumers really the king of India
(2)CAS-Is it boon or bane.We opted for the 1st topic.
GD was cool and i was happy to give 4-5 entries.PI was the interesting part. The interviews in that panel lasted for just 4 minutes. General discussion like why MBA, significant event and sum time pass stuffs like where 2 u stay etc.
Some more GD topics that were present for other batch
1.Should India continue dialogues with PAK
2.Influence of cinema on youth
All the best friends

Experience #11

I had my GD/PI at JBIMS… the GD topics were:
-Commercialization of Health care – Good or Bad? (Discussed)
-Services like Transportation should be left to market forces to decide?
Mind that most of the topics now are getting repeated.. So better prepare for the ones As even i had already heard this topic before. And was lucky to get the same…
PI was cool enough… and mostly general questions.. Tell about your work ex? U already have so many degrees then why MBA? You already a manager then why MBA? Which management books did u read recently? What is efficiency? (Well efficiency is output/input)
At JB’s the faculties over there really make u feel very comfortable. so there’s no hassle. Go comfortably and just be confident. And there’s no need to get stressed. Truly!
Experience 6
Hey had…my GD/PI at JBIMS…
well when v entered v were asked to fill up d form same as CETKING posted….
they one of them was given marks for work-experience…well for me it was unfair…a girl whose co was also not listed in nse ..She was given marks whereas when i showed my documents I was not given d same as my co too not listed ..that’s was unfair…
den v entered d GD room..
Well there were 3 panels…well before GD/PI started… they told us that every1 should b given a chance to speak no fish market …
GD topic.
1.Business a war.
2.People,police and politician who r the culprit? (discussed).
well Gd was really good. every1 spoke..& gave almost 4-5 points.. & at last they told one would summarize the whole topic…
there were 2 panels. well pi was ok…but got stuck only when they asked my company’s turnover…well what to say…millions or billion…i don’t remember what i said…but…make sure u know i million is how much & 1 billion is how much… rest all was ok…well I thank god …no CEO of any co was asked. .neither any minister name … but b prepared…
Experience 7
Hi ..They gave 2 sets of same forms. in one ,we fill work ex.. don’t fill if u don’t have .just sign..the other, fill your details and those same questions.
Then GD happened..
1. Voters r responsible for a political party’s criminalization
2. India nuclear boom- boon or curse.
All went for first… AND IN JB, don’t try to DOMINATE..even if u don’t get to speak, the panel intervenes and allows u a chance…but if u dominate, U r in negative..try to squeeze in, but don’t be too aggressive.GD went for 15 mins…then PI
2 professors..
they see your profile form..
Tell me about yourself.
subjects of MBA
significant event of last decade
which sport u follow and related Q’s , what is the distance of pitch
the interview lasted hardly 10 mins..they din ask y mba, and all…..but better u revise those questions.
Experience 8
had my GD at jbims…was late,reached there by 8:30,my slot was 8:45 to 9:30..Forms which need to be filled our workex,biodata,undertaking form(which will be given after GD)…Carried my Call letter thatz it…
Before the GD started one of the panelist said guys it’s just a GD….life goes on…..was put to ease with those words
Topics for GD were:-
1.Management is an art or science
2.Ethical practices in business are passing phase like fashion..
I wanted 2nd topic but majority wanted to go for 1nd one…….So first one was selected…..Topic started with majority of them adding their points….i got the feel of the topic and started adding my points….in between panelist asked 2 people 2 speak and they did so…was a decent GD and in the end panelist asked everyone to give their conclusion…
P1:- middle age lady P2:- gentleman in his late 40′s
P2- asked me to introduce myself in 25 seconds..
me:- started speakin abt myself and there was some discussion on why i left my job,abt what i learned from the last movie i saw..
P1:-why do u think we need to compete with china to emerge as a global leader
me:- i said all i knew abt it…like manufacturing,energy,infrastructure,population…. discussed it for some time
P1:-why u want to take MMS to become an entrepreneur???
Me:-told them abt advantages of doin Mba….which in turn will help me in becomin entrepreneur…..was streched on this topic but i kept on convincing them….
she then asked the gentleman if he wants to ask anything more and he said no…..
no question was asked on academics,strengths & weakness,significant event….
so was a short interview, arnd 10 to 15 minutes…
Good luck guys…Be calm and confident

Experience #12

TIME :: 13.0 to 13.45 hrs
they gave 2 sets of same forms…in one ,we fill work ex..don fill if u dont have ….just sign…….the other,fill ur details and those same questions.
then gd happened..
1. Voters r responsible for political parties criminalisation
2. india nulear thing- boon or curse.
all went for first… AND IN JB, dont try to DOMINATE…even if u dn get to speak,the panel intervens and allows u a chance…bt if u dominate, U r in neagtive…..try to squeeze in,but dont be too aggressive….gd went for 15 mins…then PI ko went.
2 professors….
they see ur profile form..
P :: Temme abt ursefl.
ME :: blah blah
P :: subjects of MBA
ME :: blah blah
P :: significant event of last decade
ME :: it bubble
P :: wich sport u follow
ME :: cricket
P :: y is current team in mess ?
me :: bla blah…jai greg chappell..
P :: whts is the distance of pitch
ME :: 22 yards…
they both got stared at each other and let me go…heheheh…trust me ,the interview lasted hardly 10 mins….they din ask y mba,and all… better u revise those questions of this site…
and yea,i suggest u look at the percentiles of the numbers behind u and after u so tht u gat a idea of ur bacth…ppl in my batch wer in range of 80-90 percentiles……go on the site and keep puttin their numbers

Experience #14

hey ppl,
my gd-pi was yest(18th may,2007) at 1pm Venue: JBIMS
we had to wait for abt 1/2 hr for no reason…
GD :
group of 14 out of which 9 present
1. Should Rich countries help the poor countries?
2. Should Dance bar be banned?
Took the intiative n asked which topic to was with 2nd..bad luck coz i thgt tht was better to desicuss..but then we went for 1st topic.
we discussed for abt 13-15mins..the panel asked 2 ppl who dint participate much to speak something..they spoke abt 1-2 points n bak to the discussion.
then came the PI:
i dunno its a mixed bag feelin for me..kinda stress interview
2 panelis: 1 old guy( Sir) n 1 mid aged female(mam)
Sir kept on makin funny faces..tried to behave funny..mam was serious
started with the meanin of my name…went on my acads(BSc-comp sci) asked wht is a computer..then went on to which college..which is close to siddhivinayak mandir, asked which godess in siddhivinayak mandir..(not sure abt the ans) .speciality abt ganpati…which other god is as different as ganpati is to the others…being a gujju asked for a gujju poets name…(cldnt ans)…gujju writer(again cldnt answer) …then went bak to the form i had hobbies… ball in my court…unusual hobbies(graphology n sketching)..sir started sketchin a cartoon lookin at me with a pen to see the reaction i wld give(wierd)…(abt 7-9mins on hobbies)..then asked abt the siginificant event of last decade..BPO revolution..asked wht is outsourcing..werent satisfied by my ans…n then asked if i wld take up any college this yr..i said i wont compromise on quality n hence in tht case will c them again next yr..both smiled…n wished me good luck…
just one thing…just be comfortable n keep smiling ..n answer confidently even if its wrong..
Thanks to every1 who have helped me my posting their experience before me…good luck to the remaining…god bless u

Experience #15

moi too dun wid gd/pi at jbims on 19th…all in was butterflies in stomach…it was very easy-goin n the ppl there who conducted it ..i mean the prof..or whoever made us feel very comfy…by constantly sain dont get nervous…bla…bla…
this ones for the OMS junta like me…if u gotta catch a train..or ny other prob then negotiate for takin ur gd/pi earlier..they’ll do it widout a second thought…i had my slot of 3″15 to 4…n the thing started at 3:40 around…n it seemed no chance of gettin over by 5 or 5:30 may be…coz here i guess the ones who had gd/pi in earlier batch turned late…so everythin was late…here i feel that the MCET ppl should be lil strict…
nyways…moi gd topic was:
1.smaller the state better the administration.
2.the common entrance test for various MBA colleges are affecting the IIM branding.
now they asked us to select 1 of the 2 by a consensus/polling…we selected second one..
in my batch of 16 …10 ppl turned up…n of them 5 were not speaking..yaar ..sometimes it was a void ..n was difficlt to fill
i spoke around 5 time…gav som stats that in india 20lakh students grad every year..of which 80k r MBA’s…n IIM has aroun 1800 seats…i mean jus showed the disparity….lots was discussed..
all in all…nice gd…
in the end we were given 1 min to the entire group to put concluding statements individually…
Take it frm me…dun try to dominate in the gd. n dont beat abt bush while summarizing coz in my batch 1 of the panelist cut short a gurl who was sayin 2 much n asked the other to speak…
PI was like a coffee wid karan kind of thing…no karan johar here..but was like a chat….it lasted for around 11-12 min…n there were 2 gentleman..g1,g2..
g1:wat was ur gd topic?
moi:said..iim brandin 1…
g2:wats branding??
moi:said it…was a walk in park..coz was prepared..
g1:temme abt urself
moi:kitne baar…got bored of this q’s..had 2 say it…admission ka sawaal hai..
g2:so u work?wats job profile(jp)?wen did u start?
moi plaind fact ..lot of my pi was aroun my job profile..he asked me abt ISO,HR functions,general management stuff(this is my job profile thats why??)
g1:u gotta nice jp so why MBA?
moi: long term benefit…add value…bla bla
that was all…quite mouthful…no union CM…NO fact they even dint look at the student profile form (yup the form is same as that told by funky iflex)..
phew..keepin my fingers crossed…good luck 2 all those who gonna appear…n also to those who hav appeared…

Experience #16

heylo ppl…
had my gd/pi today at jbims 9.30 batch…
gd topics:
1)creativity is a gift only to a few.(my choice)
2)do computers simplify decision making(evry1 elses choice)
the topic was a no brainer only….7 of us were dere…i had a few points n was the only1 tryin to see the flip side in an otherwise benign discussion…anyways gd wrapped up in 10 mins…there was no1 who was wiling to argue against it…
pi had a panel of 2 old lady(l) old man(m) vikram (v)
here we go
l:enngg acads 56,57,58,58% very consistent never went up
v:i take full responsibility but was moonlighting between my family business and engg thruout…
m:wat does moonlighting mean..wat is half moon lighting..wat is quarter moonlighting..wa is blue moonlighting….
v:told him abt moonlighting said i dont know abt the other 2..told him wat bluemoon is….
l:u have written educate evry1 for india to become a superpower….explain…
then she grilled me sayin that ppl wont get educated cuz govt doesnt do anything….politicians are corrupt….i said blaming the bureaucracy and being pessimistic is no solution….she said ur business u must be bribing..i said no i have never….
m:u have mentioned significant event as 1991 eco crisis and the reforms…explain.
v:told him watever i knew…ended sayin that we were earlier derisively remed to have a hindu growth rate….2.4% p.a…..
m:y was it called hindu growth rate….
v:dunno but proabably cuz we r the only hindu nation….
m:no its cuz all us hindus r stupid…then he n that lday had an argument….
l:asked my cet score
m:thats good where do u wanna go
v referably here when asked if not here i said sydenham…
m:is india becomin superpower
v:theres a lot of growth but 2 much desparity said abt farmer suicides that took place last week…
m:thats good no more suicides we will become a bigger superpower….
v:no sir….
that was it…..

Experience #17

hi all………….this might help u guys
had my gd/pi today at jbims 9.30 batch…
gd topics:
1)creativity is a gift only to a few
2)do computers simplify decision making
only 7 of us were present & finally voted/decided for 2nd topic (i think both were easy)
talked abt word “decision” & some flip sides like real time problems etc etc……i think it wrapped up within 15 mins with the conclusion…in all the whole process was tooo cool
Then filled the provided form….now com prepared for these Qs as ur whole PI could be based on this.
p1,p2 (panelist) & me(have done my engg)
before going into details i wud like to tell that both p1 & p2 were serious(unlike some guys told me PI is just its not so) abt the process. process was fun as they were not their to grill u ….but just to test ur knowledge
Q asked by them
1. why mba after engg(they really need a gud reason)
2. form related questions,like -y u have written this….y u think like this…your achievements etc etc background (mine business)…then they willl drill on ur fathers job (like wats his work,in my case abt business & inventory maintenance)
4.diff between COST,PRICE & VALUE…….(answered that…both impressed) can i increase the value of product (answered….this time more than impressed…HA HA HA I JUST LUV THEM)
6. asked me abt JIT (just in time) funda
7. my cat score (me as an oms student…..88 % impressed BUT REALLY I DONT KNOW Y THIS TIME) asked me abt CDMA v/s GSM ..which is better (replied..not a big deal)
so thats all… overall a gud experience,now ATB to all of u & do post ur exp so that u can help others.
Experience 14
Guys.. Had my GDPI today at JBIMS… though it was fisrt batch of 8-8:45, it started after 9am.
While taking the attendance the female there was being unnecesarily rude. Two guys who had got in their appointment letter were not given marks of WE as she said that how wud she verify if they were still working…. She asked them to go to DTE in case of any queries or clarifications…
Two batches were combined for GD as there was not much attendance in single batch. We were about 13 people. Three panelist- a middle aged prof and two ladies. The elder lady was more interested in getting the fan slowed down as she was feeling cold..
The panelists read out the topics, asked us to decide among ourselves and gave out certain instructions like if u dont talk its ur prob.If u talk too much, again its ur prob. The time given is 25 minutes and we will not speak any further..
The topics give to us were:
1) Like Japanese we shud try to remain as much ourselves as we can
2) Yesterday seniority signified status, today creativity drives status.
While everyone was trying to voice the topic to be selected, I suggested that we go in for a vote, to which the panelists agreed.
We zeroed down on the first topic. The GD started off well but slowly few of us went off the track discussing the infrastructure and the politics and the education system in India and the brain drain… the discussion was anything but to the point
Me and one more guy tried to get the discussion back to the tracks but in vain… Finally I concluded to which everyone agreed and as we were about to pack up, one guy spoke again and it started off again. Fiinally the prof said that the time was up and we could proceed for the PI…
The PI was taken by two panelists- One old prof(P1) and a lady (P2)
P1: Pronounce ur name
Me: “Bijal”
P1: Who kept it
Me: Replied
P1: What does it mean
Me: Blah.. Blah
P1: (looking at my work ex) So u r working with such reputed company.
Me: (smiled)
P1: Why do u want to desert them
Me: Its not about deserting. My ultimate goal is something else.
P1: Whats ur goal?
Me: Blah.. Blah..
P1: And how do u think any of the B-schools will help u in that?
Me: Blah.. Blah..
All the while, P2 is busy doing something with her cell…
P1 asks P2 to proceed.
(Me being a CA and working in one of the top four CA firms of the world, the further questions were all related to my field)
P2: What is auditor’s report?
Me: Blah.. Blah..
P2: What is CARO?
Me: Blah.. Blah..
P2: When is Internal audit required?
Me: Blah.. Blah..
P2: Give out any three points reported in CARO?
Me: Blah.. Blah.. (I gave four )
P1: What is difference b/w P/L and I/E statement?
Me: Blah.. Blah..
P2: What are auditing standards?
Me: Blah.. Blah..
Both look at each other. Seems satisfied.
P2: Whats ur score
Me: 132. 99.75%ile
Both again looked impressed.
P1: So where do u see urself doing MBA from?
Me: Jamnalal Bajaj
P1: Smiles
P2: Smiles
Both: All the Best for ur career.
The whole PI thing got over in about 7-10 minutes max. And they did not even turn around the page of the profile sheet. Not even bothered to look at the strengths, weaknesses, significant event and all the crap that i had so painfully thought of and written


  1. You need to be prepared for the full spectrum of questions that may be presented. For further practice, make sure you go through the required mock interview (see the "Competitive Interview Prep" Section) and for further review, look at some of the following questions:

    1. Tell me about yourself.
    2. What do you want to do with your life?
    3. Do you have any actual work experience?
    4. How would you describe your ideal job?
    5. Why did you choose this career?
    6. When did you decide on this career?
    7. What goals do you have in your career?
    8. How do you plan to achieve these goals?
    9. How do you evaluate success?
    10. Describe a situation in which you were successful.

    List of MBA Interview Questions and Answers is waiting here : ~

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