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SIES GD-PI Experiences 2013 SIES Group discussion topics and interview questions

Sourav Soni

Had my GDPI at bhopal (Rajhans Regent Hotel).
time 12 .pm.
Was tense as there were too many candidates hopping & Popping every where.
we were given our respective batches.
moved directtly into gd room.
1 panelists for GD(shayad faculty of the college),
we were 12 candidates
Gd topic -- Stem cell banking as necessary as Life Insurance.
(blank mind -- we were also unknown & blank mind too)
gd initialy was horrible as nobody knew any thing bout the topic.
we were made start the topic one by one.
candidate#1. Mam actually i don't about the topic but .....blah blah blah.....
candidate#2. Mam actually i don't about the topic but .....blah blah blah.....
all the candidates ---- NO ??????
MODERATOR EXPLAINS HE TOPIC IN DETAIL......................................
we start discussing the topic for 15 mins.
then MODERATOR stops us.
says us to conclude himself on by one .
then asks ny body to conclude the gd
I conclude the Gd ,

PI was taken by same MAM who was MODERATOR.

PI was good . asked some profile based questions .
why sies
Difference btw MArketting & Sales.

OVERALL good experience .
MAM was good
Coordinator was also good.
RESULTS will be declared in 1 week of june (+2-3 days)

Noufel Nanethan Backer

Had my GDPI at Blore today, the process was smooth. The GD Topic was management education is only for the rich, this was the same topic some group had at mumbai, the discussion was a healthy one with me being the first one to talk :-). Interview was also ok with interviewers digging deep into the answers as usual :-P, some of the questions were why mba, Wat would you do if 70 of 100 team member takes a leave on the same day:-P, weakness, and etc.Made some good friends also there :-), overall it was a wonderful experience :-), hope to convert it! Best of luck for the upcoming GDPI!

Atul Jain

Done with gd pi at bhopal @5 of may, topic was Capitwl punishment should be ban or not!!!
12 people were in a gd batch,, and ask to think fr 3 min and then everyone had to speak for 3-4 min,,then discuss,, but the group started shoting and moderator stopped in between and disappointed with d group,, tough i did well in gd.
PI- only one guy took d interview and it was damn simple,, only profile based question,nothing specific,, finished almost 15 interview in just an hour!!!!

Polepally Giridhar

Had my gd/pi here in banglore today. It was arranged well. No need of getng tensed. In the gd we gad given two topics to chose one. We chosed the topic 'engeneers are good at time in management' everxbody contributed their p part. At pi also the panalist asked in such a way wether the thing we tell them and our contribution towards it are matchng or not. My quertns include . Introduction, why mba, regarding my project, my goal, my plan to achieve the goal. Sme general technical questions in the view of mba.,

Litesh Mahakalkar

GDPI sunday 21st mrng at SIES navi mum.

gd topic:- management eductn is nly 4 rich. . .
our group didnt gt right points to discuss.
i have initiatd. . . it was ok ok type. .

PI:- it was lyk job interview for electronics engineer. .. fuly focusd on techincle. . .nt a single regular mba pi question.
my pi wasnt satisfied still hoping positively. . .
thanx to shiva bhaiya 4 his support there. . .

Pavan Kulkarni
Had GDPI round today at nerul 9:00 am.
GD topic was "Development or Concrete Congestion"
then in Pi there were two panelists,
the 1st question they asked was tell me something abt yourself..then went on to cricket related questions as i had mentioned it as my hobby.Thnk GOD only
1 technical question was askd ,and also what if we do not select you in sies...were the type of questions..the experience was quite good...the buddy was very co operative..thku Seniors :)

Saiprasad Shelke
had GDPI round today at nerul 12.00 pm
this time they changed the process..made simpler..
GD and only one PI..
after reporting to campus u need to collect batch.then move to auditorium where we waited for long time around 2 hours..refreshments were provided..they arranged Q n A session & presentation in between. finally the process begun at 2.00 . they assigned a BUDDY(student coordinator) for each group.
there were 12 people in my group.
Topic: IS THERE ANY POINT IN HAVING A BUSINESS STRATEGY when World scenario changes from month 2 month?
it ws ok for me..nt so good.

then in Pi there were two panelists,
Q:tel me about yourself?
Q:asked abt one weaknes which i had mentioned
Q:challenged faced at work?
Q:y MBA when ther r many people out there who manages everything abt degree/education?
Q:10, 12,graduation CAT/CMAT marks?

overall process was nice n yes BUDDY was so co-operative n helpful. thank u:)

Ravi Chopade
GD - Is Social Responsibility of Business is to make Profit ?

PI - Tell me somthing about yourself..
What is Team Efforts and how you contributed at your workspace ?
Which news are you following from many days and many question related to that.. (make sure you have enough knowledge and reading about particular )
Why you want to join MBA ?
Which specialization and why ?
Which are the other colleges u applied for and preference ?
Why SIES ?
What if you dont get admission into applied colleges ?
Goal in your Life and how MBA will help you ?
All these are basic questions and many sub questions were related to these were asked.. Please be clear about your thoughts and opinions..

The whole process was very smooth and all queries answered nicely..
Thanx to all Seniors :)

Karuna Punjabi
PI- temme smthng abt urself
Y MBA in finance
whats a triple column cash book
icic ceo
axis bank ceo
minsters... maharashtra n India
whats e banking n how would u remove branch banking completely in India?
if u were d PM of India how wud u eradicate corruption ?
whts a contra entry
merits of PSU's
wud u b a politician... if given a chance in future
does provisioning reduce profits?
do u blve in destiny?
hw wud u contribute to SIES?
SIES or welingkar?

Pravin Yedurkar
GD topic: Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt through experience.....
easy topic, 15 minutes given, everybody spoke but the topic was such that a lot of repetition the end two ladies in the panel asked 3 people to summerize

During my PI, interviewer was very experienced and I have done engineering in electronics, he asked all the questions related to general questions at all..interview was around 15 minutes

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