Wednesday, 15 May 2013

K J Somaiya Councelling update as of EOD 15 May 2013

--PG, IB & FS are taken up fully. 48 seats are available in RM & 50 seats available in Comm.

--All those, who could not take admission into any of the courses(due to unavailability of seats), will only have to give their order of preference for waitlist and sign an application to this effect at the time of counselling. The fees paid will be refunded and the actual fees payment details will be mailed as and when their admission is being confirmed from the waitlist - This procedural change has been effected on request of the parents and aspirants at the time of counselling today.

--For tomorrow's counselling, you will have to attend the counselling session if you wish to be waitlisted in any of the courses. But fees payment has to be made only if you get a confirmed admission tomorrow for RM/Comm, depending on availability and courses applied for.

--The procedure for cancellation and refund of admission will be made available on our website by EOD 20th May 2013.

--The waitlist movement will be as per the first preferences in each course initially and then the second preference list of the courses will be considered. Be very clear when you are choosing your course preferences for waitlist.

--The waitlist details of each aspirant will be made available at the earliest, as it involves consolidation of records after the complete counselling process only.

--Students above 1500 ranks - the counselling session for you will be decided based upon the availability of seats in any one of the courses at the EOD tomorrow.

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